Porridge for Goldilocks is a multi-disciplinary art community; gathering to create and innovate in performance and art through new combinations and fresh collaborations.

Formed in 2013, with its initial project being an improvisational dance and music performance for the University of Utah’s Senior Concert, “Spin Cycle, Tumble Dry”. Porridge for Goldilocks has since grown into a synergistic circle of dancers, musicians, visual artists, poets and other art forms that jam, perform, and discuss.

Based in Salt Lake City, Porridge invites artist participation and shared inspiration through an open welcoming format; allowing for the artistic self to explore, experiment, express, refresh, collaborate, and naturally network.

Porridge holds both open and structured jams where artists of all mediums congregate to practice and expand their improvisational instincts.

Porridge performs at festivals, fundraisers, dance concerts, various sites, and music shows.